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How is OTFLOW innovative? It’s the 1st solution that creates a perfect airflow in reefers. OTFLOW provides an equal temperature across your container.

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Why innovate?

Constant innovation is essential in every sector. Innovations aimed to improve production by using new technologies; provide the growing world population with adequate and safe products; make less impact on the environment and the surroundings; strive for more transparent chains and sustainable efficient chain management. 

The main reasons to innovate are that you will scale-up faster, stand out in your industry from your competitors, satisfy your customers’ needs better and attract talented people to your company.

How we innovate
OTFLOW floor cover

Why should you support OTFLOW as an innovation?

It is the first company in the world that has created a solution for the inefficiency of the air circulation inside reefers. The previous is a big problem for the perishable cargo export industry. An inefficient air circulation creates hot spots/ cold spots in the refrigerated containers that damage the cargo.

With OTFLOW you will support an innovation but you will also get a better quality of your fruit upon arrival. Use this solution and improve your shipments.

How OTFLOW works

Top innovations 2020

The blue tulip award nominates the Top innovations in every sector. In nutrition, the Top 10 innovations of The Netherlands are:

blue tulip awards
  2. Protifarm
  3. PATS Drones
  4. Winnow Vision
  5. Instock Market
  6. Zero Carb Company
  7. Verdify
  8. The Seaweed Company
  9. CELINE technology
  10. Zero Food Waste.

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"The quality of the berries was visibly higher and more consistent over the entire load."

Harm Verpaalen, Cold Chain Specialist at Global Fresh Solutions

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