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Ship going through calm warm seas transporting fruit

"In transport, cooling is receiving more and more attention. There is a good reason for this: quality problems are often caused by cooling errors. Prolonged temperature fluctuations at the grower, shipping company or importer have a negative effect on the product’s value and shelf life. Temperature differences in transport are often the result of insufficient air flow. 

In my job, I provide post-harvest advice to farmers, importers and retailers, and I specialize in cold chain management. I tested Otflow for the first time in the Morocco - Middle East trade link, a journey over sea that takes more than two weeks for one of the biggest blueberry producers worldwide."

"The quality of the berries was visibly higher and more consistent over the entire load."

"The transport of blueberries involves an increased risk of contamination. One degree of temperature fluctuation can affect the condition of the berries enormously. For the delicate berries, this would most likely lead to a huge loss of value. As a result, the farmer would not get the price he deserved. 

The results don’t lie. The quality of the berries was visibly higher and more consistent over the entire load. Nowadays I advise using Otflow for longer trade links over sea, especially when delicate products are being transported."

Harm Verpaalen Business Development Advisor OTFLOW

"Otflow proves to have a positive effect on air circulation. It is a unique product that I have not seen before and I think it is an important new tool to improve the chain value, farmer till consumer. Every stakeholder has more certainty on shelf life and quality of their transported goods, which result in better products and more certainty about the quality of the goods."

Harm Verpaalen,
Cold Chain Specialist at Global Fresh Solutions

Global Fresh Solution offers expertise, knowledge, and innovative supply chain solutions for the fruit and vegetables industry. 

"All OTFLOW trials with leading fruit exporters have been successful, without exception."

Chris Baard | Director at Broom Logistics, South Africa

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