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Stone Fruit Exporter

“We did numerous shipments to different destinations; all very successful! One of these stands out, a shipment of stone-fruit to India…. as a result of the covid-19 problems the shipment was delayed, after 46 days and 3 trans-shipments the cargo arrived in India and still received GREEN status on the quality report.”

Shipping route: South Africa → India
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Blueberry Exporter

“To really put Otflow to the test, we did one shipment of blue-berries, modified atmosphere & add to that a number of half pallets as well. The trail went to UK and was received in very good condition. This result is exceptional as produce was from different growing areas and from different pack dates.”

Shipping route: South Africa → United Kingdom
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Grape Exporter

“Before using Otflow, last season (2018/2019) we had a 6% probe failure on our cold treatment shipments to Israel. This season (2019/2020) we started using Otflow and although we did fewer shipments we had 0% probe failures. We will definitely reorder for next year.”

Shipping route: South Africa → Isreal
Avocado Exporter

“Conclusion: The Otflow works by distributing the air throughout the container, this can be seen highlighted in position 20 (near the doors) which is the most difficult location to maintain the programmed temperature.”

Shipping route: Peru → Rotterdam
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Grape Exporter

“After experiencing the benefits of using Otflow on other shipping destinations we also did a successful trial on our problematic shipments (cold damage) to the United States. As a result, non of the containers equipped with Otflow arrived with any signs of cold damage.”

Shipping route: South Africa → USA

Less dried out fruit, longer shelf life.

Under the right conditions, pears can be stored for a long time before being sold in the store. But if the conditions are not good, the fruit can show all kinds of defects, such as drying...

OTFLOW® makes a significant difference.

The six back pallets, which is almost a third of the load, are often the handling agent's biggest worry. This is especially the case with the types of fruit that have to be transported cool; one degree warmer...

An important new tool for chain value.

In transport, cooling is receiving more and more attention. There is a good reason for this: quality problems are often caused by cooling errors. Prolonged temperature fluctuations at the grower, shipping ...

airflow container

A 30% improvement

Research by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research within the "GreenCHAINge Vegetable & Fruit" project has shown that OTFLOW reduces the average difference between the warmest and coldest temperatures in a refrigerated container by around 30%...

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