Hortimaq Official OTFLOW Distributor

We are convinced that
Mexican exporters need OTFLOW to improve their export performance.

Hortimaq  |  Official OTFLOW Distributor  |  Mexico

“In Mexico, we have excellent conditions to produce top quality fruits and vegetables, as well as a geographical location that allows us to export to both Europe and Asia. At Hortimaq we work with exporters using products with high performance and quality; since we learned about the technology from OTFLOW, we are convinced that Mexican exporters need OTFLOW to improve their export performance, avoiding temperature problems and generally achieving better quality throughout the supply chain”

Carlos Quintana

Director at Hortimaq SA de CV, Mexico

"All OTFLOW trials with leading fruit exporters have been successful, without exception."

Chris Baard | Director at Broom Logistics, South Africa

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