Big size, big impact.

The 11-meter floor cover for 40" reefers for higher profits.

The 'FLOW' to higher profits:

OTFLOW covers the floor of the container

covering the floor results in... 

an even air circulation inside the container

an even airflow means... 

fruit quality kept optimal  during shipping

good quality leads to...

fewer claims and satisfied customers

and that brings you...

higher profits!

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Working our magic

Together with the University of Wageningen, we've developed the floor cover with the most effective shape to provide the best internal airflow during reefer transport. This optimized airflow keeps cargo cool so you'll have fewer claims, less financial losses and a higher fruit quality.

Without OTFLOW

The cooling should circulate throughout the entire container. Unfortunately, without OTFLOW®, the internal airflow is not that effective, resulting in 'Hot Spots' that lower the quality of your cargo, often paired with great (financial) losses.


With OTFLOW the cold air reaches all corners of the container, keeping the temperature equal from front to back (tested and proven by Wageningen Biobased Research Facility). Better flow means less food waste, less financial losses and higher product quality.

Airflow normal situation

Airflow with OTFLOW®

Perfect airflow

When shipping fresh produce, simply place our floor cover in your container to benefit from optimal temperature conditions.

How it works

Take a look at our new video from founder Ronald Hagenstein to understand how OTFLOW helps improve airflow inside a reefer container.

How it Works video
Man holding OTFLOW part isolated background


OTFLOW is a smart and easy-to-use floor cover that you place underneath your cargo. It consists of 9 separate parts made of 100% recycled and waterproof material. Placing OTFLOW does not extend your loading time at all.

Our Business Partners

Milestone Fresh

Broom Logistics, an official OTFLOW Partner


LCL Logistics

HDG Survey Group

Hortimaq Official OTFLOW Distributor



United Producers of Mexico 

Wageningen Research

"All OTFLOW trials with leading fruit exporters have been successful, without exception."

Chris Baard | Director at Broom Logistics, South Africa

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