How it all began.

OTFLOW is developed and tested with Wageningen University.

In 2016, Dr. ir. Leo Lukasse from the Wageningen Biobased Research Facility initiated a research to find out how to reduce the temperature differences inside cooled containers by covering the floor.

“The OTFLOW® floor cover reduces the temperature difference between warmest and coldest location in shipments of precooled grapes by approx. 30%.”

Dr. ir. (Leo) Lukassen  |  Researcher Wageningen Food & Biobased Research.

Different shapes of floor cover for research OTFLOW

Research Stage 1

Floor cover shapes

First needed to be determined what shape works best to have an even distribution of the cold air. The test was performed with a 40" cooled container inside the brand new climate chamber of the research facility, able to create a constant outer temperature of 50 Celsius.

After months of research on multiple floor covering shapes, OTFLOW® proved to have the most effect on keeping the temperatures low inside the container unit.

about the research facility
shipping container vessel

Research Stage 2

Field test with grapes

For the second stage (the field test) a shipment of grapes from South Africa to the Netherlands, 186 temperature recorders constantly monitored the internal temperatures of six containers.

To compare the effect on the temperature difference, the team equipped only 3 of 6 containers with OTFLOW. The research concluded an amazing 30% improvement in temperature difference with OTFLOW.

Research conclusion

A powerful improvement

Temperature maps from Wageningen’s research conclusion show that containers with OTFLOW benefit from improved temperature difference; eliminating harmful hot/cold spots.

When the temperatures reached it's highest point during the shipment, the temperature map shows that containers with OTFLOW® benefits from an improvement of 30%; eliminating hot/cold spots and keeping fruit fresh.

OTFLOW research conclusion temperature maps Wageningen University

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