Optimal airflow

OTFLOW improves the internal airflow of refrigerated containers with a uniquely shaped and easy-to-use floor cover. Let's get you covered.


"The fruit quality is significantly higher throughout the entire container."

Ton de Weert  |  Quality Control Manager @ The Greenery

Simple and effective

OTFLOW is a simple solution that prevents fresh fruits and other
cooled cargo from damage during transit.

Save money

Cut financial losses from claims upon arrival

Reduce food waste

Prevent unnecessary food waste and contribute to the environment

Maintain quality

Consistent quality also means higher profits for your company

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Benefit Calculator

Please complete the information below to determine if OTFLOW can reduce costs for your company and by how much. (Fruit Shipping Industry only).

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Airflow Studio

The World’s first airflow simulator for cooled containers.

With our Airflow Studio software you have the power to digitalise the airflow and create temperature maps of your reefer container.

Simply brilliant

Refrigerated containers enable fresh goods to be transported around the world. However, they often fail to keep the whole cargo at the required temperature. That results in some sub-standard products within a shipment upon arrival.

OTFLOW is a specially designed mat that optimises the airflow throughout the container to ensure the entire shipment arrives intact.

how it works

Receive the 2024 Price List.

Click here to get information about the price per OTFLOW and our package deals. Prices per country may vary depending on local taxes.

Get in control

OTFLOW puts you in control of temperature problems. No matter the circumstances, your load will remain fresh:

Container placement

Whether it is above or below deck, OTFLOW keeps optimum temperature throughout the container

High Temperatures

OTFLOW will keep your shipments in good conditions, even near the equator line or low-temperature ambient zones

Long transits and delays 

The longer the trip, the more you need OTFLOW. Due to COVID-19,  delays have become more of an issue

Preserve quality

No matter the circumstances, OTFLOW can preserve the quality of your products until reaching their destination

Pre-cooling conditions

OTFLOW ensures that the container reaches the optimum temperature, even when the load was not properly precooled

Multiple industries

Although OTFLOW is mainly being used in the fruit industry, we also serve customers who ship plants, flowers, and others

New Heroes Award

Alderman Barbara Kathman presented the New Hero Award to the fast-growing startup Otflow.

Most Innovative Companies

OTFLOW is placed on the Top 100 list of Most Innovative companies of The Netherlands 2019

Start-Up Funding Event

We've won the Start-Up Funding Event 2019, beaten 159 participants and won €42.000 worth of marketing material.

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