OTFLOW® wins Start Up Funding Event 2019

'Most impactful Start-up of The Netherlands'

Dutch innovation against Food Waste

The Rotterdam start-up Otflow has won the Start Up Funding Event 2019. They beat 159 participants to win, and as well as the prestigious title, they will also receive €42,000 worth of marketing material. The panel of 50 professionals acting as judges were enthusiastic about the Dutch innovation and praised Otflow for its positive impact on human lives across the globe. "Besides a super dedicated team, Otflow is a company that can change a lot in the world. Even if they only achieve half of their goals, it will save a huge amount of food waste. The new air dispersal mat the company designed has had a big sustainable impact globally," according to Lova Kremeer, host & co-founder of Start Up Funding Event.

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Reducing food waste around the World

The fruit market grew by 43% (Source: CBS) between 2016 and 2018. A large share of the fruit that we eat on a daily basis is grown on the other side of the world. One of the logistical challenges exporters have to deal with is keeping the containers cool when at sea. With the air dispersal mat designed by OTFLOW the air division in fruit containers is 30% more stable during overseas transport. Thanks to this innovation there is less food waste globally and OTFLOW customers have less loss of product, less spoiled income and a higher quality of fruit.


The Rotterdam company was founded by Otto de Groot and Ronald Hagenstein. After years of experience in the transport sector, De Groot decided to focus on innovation to improve logistical processes and with this combat food waste in the fruit sector. The OTFLOW product is now sold in 6 continents and 2000 containers have already crossed the globe with better cooling. The focus of the young company is on fruit, although the transition of the product to other sectors also offers opportunities for the transport of medicines, cosmetics and meat.

"The fruit quality is significantly higher throughout the entire container."

Ton de Weert  |  Quality Control Manager @ The Greenery

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