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Have you heard of Mango export temperatures issues during transport? Solve some of them with OTFLOW, it maintains the temperature inside reefers stable through the entire container.

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Which temperature is required for shipping Mango?

When Mango heat increase, the ripening of the fruit also does, it is important to cool the Mango as soon as possible. The optimum transport temperature for Mango export is between 8 and 10 Celsius degrees.

The Mango acceptable temperature at the loading stage into containers is a maximum of 2 Celsius degrees above the shipping temperature. The freezing point for Mangoes is -1 Celsius degrees.It is important to mention that the storage life for a Mango is for around 3 - 4 weeks.

Have a homogeneous temperature inside the container.

With OTFLOW you will keep all your Mango export cargo on the optimal temperature during its shipping. This floor cover achieves a similar temperature inside the whole reefer and prevents your cargo from cold/ hot spots.

The previous is something that has been proved by the University of Wageningen. Use OTFLOW and keep your fruit with the correct temperature during transit.

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Mango export innovations

See what innovations could be beneficial for your next mango shipping season! 

Which countries produce the most quantity of Mango?

Production in Millions of Tonnes per year

  1.  India: 18.8 million tonnes
  2. China: 4.8 million tonnes
  3. Thailand: 3.4 million tonnes
  4. Mexico: 2.2 million tonnes
  5. Indonesia: 2.2 million tonnes
  6. Pakistan: 1.6 million tonnes
  7. Brasil: 1.4 million tonnes
  8. Egypt: 1.3 million tonnes
  9. Bangladesh: 1.2 million tonnes
  10. Nigeria: 0.9 million tonnes.

"The quality of the berries was visibly higher and more consistent over the entire load."

Harm Verpaalen, Cold Chain Specialist at Global Fresh Solutions

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