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Are you making sure that you keep apples within the ideal temperature range during shipping? Use OTFLOW to create an optimal climate inside reefer containers during shipping.

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Keep apples fresh during trans-it.

With apples exports it is known that the higher the temperatures apples are held at, the faster the quality becomes unacceptable, due to softening and the high respiration rate of the fruit . Keep in mind that apples respire and degrade double as fast at 4°C as at 0°C.

At 15°C they will respire and degrade more than six times faster. The optimum storage temperature for apples depends on the variety, but all are within the range from -1°C to +4°C.

OTFLOW keeps apples from getting out of temperature range during transit. We have done some very successful shipments with apples and pears to China. In this case, OTFLOW kept temperatures from getting to low (beyond freezing). Contact us for additional information about apple shipments and transport and how OTFLOW can help.

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Apples exports over the world

In total the global sales from exporting apples amounts to a worth of 7.5 Billion in 2017.

Over the past 5 years the value of apple exports dropped by a rate of -8,8%. In 2013 the global sales were as high as 8.2 Billion US Dollars. Considering all continents, Europe stands for the highest worth of exporting apples. In the year 2017 all shipments of Europe combined can be valued at almost 3 Billion USD, which relates to nearly 40% of the worlds total. Following Europe, Asian exporters (mostly India and China) are good for a 2nd place with 24% of the global total.

"The fruit quality is significantly higher throughout the entire container."

Ton de Weert  |  Quality Control Manager @ The Greenery

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