Tips for Avocado export.

Are you aware that 1/4 of avocado export claims are because of temperature during shipping? Reduce them with OTFLOW and preserve your cargo better!

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What should be the shipping temperature for Avocado?

The optimum transporting temperature for Avocados export depends mostly on its cultivar. The primaries cultivars and each correct temperature are:

  • Booth 1, Lula: 4.0°C – 4.5°C
  • Ettinger: 5.5°C
  • Fuerte/ Hass: 5.0°C – 8.0°C
  • Fuchs, Pollock, Waldin: 10.0°C - 13°C
  • Other: Bacon, Gwen, Pinkerton, Lamb, Reed, Zutano.

How to prevent Avocado temperature shipping claims?

There are a lot of claims reasons that you cannot control, but there is also one that you are definitely able to control with one simple step.

Improve the inefficient of the airflow within the reefer, to keep your Avocado cargo cool enough. Place OTFLOW on your shipping container and keep a homogeneous temperature all over the reefer. The previous, maintain the temperature range within the required by the Avocado’ cultivars type during shipping.


Avocado export innovations

See what innovations could be beneficial for your next avocado shipping season! 

Top 10 Avocado exporting countries

On millions of USD during 2018

  1. Mexico: $2,400 (43%)
  2. Netherlands: $733.8 (13.2%)
  3. Peru: $722.3 (13%)
  4. Spain: $346.9 (6.2%)
  5. Chile: $323.2 (5.8%)
  6. United States: $179.6 (3.2%)
  7. Kenya: $118.3 (2.1%)
  8. South Africa: $116.7 (2.1%)
  9. New Zealand: $71.5 (1.3%)
  10. Colombia: $62.7 (1.1%).

"The quality of the berries was visibly higher and more consistent over the entire load."

Harm Verpaalen, Cold Chain Specialist at Global Fresh Solutions

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