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Did you know that 32,2% of Blueberries’ export claims are caused by temperature issues? Avoid those problems using OTFLOW and keep your load cool!

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What are the best postharvest conditions for Blueberry?

Blueberries need to be free of injury, and properly packaged and cooled to have a high quality. To preserve the good quality, the blueberries have to be pre-cool to 0°C and maintain that temperature during its shipment and storing. It is also necessary to keep in mind that the storage life for blueberries should not be longer than 3 to 4 weeks.
OTFLOW reduces the temperature difference inside reefers by 30%. This will keep your blueberries with a better temperature range during its shipment.

What is OTFLOW?

Claims on Blueberries.

Too high or low temperatures are 36% of the reasons for all the claims on blueberries export. The cooling unit of your reefer might not be able to keep all your cargo safe from the high temperature because of inefficient air circulation inside the container.

Other claim reasons: delay in transit, deviating conditions upon arrival, container damage, suffocation and water damage. 

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Top 10 Blueberries producing countries.

Blueberries production per year in tons.

  1. The United States of America: 239,071 (65.3%)
  2. Canada: 109,007 (29.8%)
  3. Poland: 12,731 (3.5%)
  4. Germany: 10,277 (2.8%)
  5. Mexico: 10,160 (2.8%)
  6. France: 9,011 (2.5%)
  7. Netherlands: 5,498 (1.5%)
  8. Spain: 5,000 (1.4%)
  9. Sweden: 2,888 (0.8%)
  10. New Zealand: 2,718 (0.7%).

"The quality of the berries was visibly higher and more consistent over the entire load."

Harm Verpaalen, Cold Chain Specialist at Global Fresh Solutions

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