Less dried out fruit, longer shelf life.

Client review  |  The Greenery  |  The Netherlands

“Under the right conditions, pears can be stored for a long time before being sold in the store. But if the conditions are not good, the fruit can show all kinds of defects, such as drying. When that happens you get wrinkled fruit that you usually cannot store.

With good climate conditions, you can better control the shelf life of pears. That is why we now work with OTFLOW® for our pear export to China. After all, there are strict requirements on the import of fruit and vegetables in China."

"The quality of the fruit is significantly higher throughout the entire container."

"The feedback from our Chinese customers is very positive. The quality of the fruit is measurably higher throughout the entire container. Fewer fruits get dried out and it all has a longer shelf life. The biggest advantage is that it almost doesn’t matter whether the fruit is in the front or back of the container, near or far from the cooling installation."

"Since the air flows are better regulated, the chance is considerably greater that the entire load is of perfect quality. We now intend to use OTFLOW® on other overseas lines, such as for our mangos. Certainly for The Greenery, where sustainability and quality are of paramount importance, it is important that the ventilation in the containers is increasingly optimized.”

Ton de Weert,
Quality Control Manager of The Greenery

The Greenery is the Netherland’s largest fruit and vegetable trade cooperative.

"All OTFLOW trials with leading fruit exporters have been successful, without exception."

Chris Baard | Director at Broom Logistics, South Africa

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