More than temperature control.

The result of an 8 months project, together with VISA S.A., one of the biggest fruit exporters of Costa Rica.

Big on results.

The idea of this project was to demonstrate the effectiveness of OTFLOW for the pineapple shipments of VISA. During this project, 50 containers were shipped; 25 control containers, plus 25 containers with OTFLOW. 

After the practical phase of the project, we collected and analyzed all the data from this trial. With the obtained information, we could conclude the following about the effect of OTFLOW:

Improve the average temperatures

OTFLOW showed an improvement of 67% in temperature difference

Temperatures stay
within a safe range

OTFLOW kept the pineapple 61% more often within the ideal temperature range

Importers recommend the use of OTFLOW

Multiple importers stated that OTFLOW had a positive effect on the quality of the fruit.

Better average temperatures

In the container with OTFLOW, the temperature near the doors was always closer to the set temperature compared with the container without OTFLOW. Recorders near the cooling unit were in both cases very similar to the set temperature.

Add to this, and as you can see in the following image, the recorders at the doors in the container with OTFLOW arrived faster to the set temperature compared to the container without OTFLOW.

The control container had a difference in temperature of 1,8º C, while the container with OTFLOW had a difference of only 0,6 º C. This means that OTFLOW reduced the temperature difference by 67%.

Cargo in the 'safe-zone'

Shipping and storing pineapple requires the temperature to be between 7°C to 10°C. When pineapples are being exposed to temperatures higher than 10ºC, injuries will occur.

We registered the times when the temperatures went higher than 10ºC, both with and without an OTFLOW. The results clearly showed that our product keeps cargo more often within the desired temperature.

We registered that on the 25 containers without our technology, the temperature was 788 times too high. While in the containers with OTFLOW, the breaches counted were only 311. This means that OTFLOW decreased the temperature breaches by 61%.


The parties involved from the importers' side in the project also noticed the benefits of OTFLOW, and here are their comments:

Good for fruit

“The containers with OTFLOW arrived in good conditions; it had homogenous fruit throughout the entire container. 

Without OTFLOW, the fruit near the doors had a difference in quality and was riper.”

Orlando dal Bosco

Italfrutta Di Manno S.R.L, Italy 

Great innovation

“Keeping temperature at level benefits the quality of pineapple.

OTFLOW shows to be efficient in maintaining the right temperature.”

Leander van Bellen

Cargo Surveyor of EDEKA at Fruitify Experts

Higher quality

“We observed that the fruit with OTFLOW showed a better external and internal state.”

Diego de los Reyes González

Cargo Surveyor of Mercadona at Eurovet

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