The ideal reefer container temperature for fruit.

Have you ever noticed that the temperature differences inside a reefer are up to 2 or 3 degrees? Fix this issue with OTFLOW and keep it cool!

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Containers and reefers below deck of a container ship

What increases the temperature inside a reefer?

Many variables affect the temperature inside a refrigerated container. The 3 main factors are that the ambient temperature outside can be very high, especially around the Ecuadorian line; refrigerated containers can be placed under the deck on cargo ships, where the temperature becomes very high; often, the distribution of cold air is poor inside a refrigerated container.

OTFLOW helps to keep the temperature inside the refrigerated container more stable. This will keep your cargo safe of external variables that can affect its temperature.

What is OTFLOW?
Pie chart of fruit export claim causes

Temperature claims.

The claims because of temperature issues are 40,3% on average of all fruits. The percentage before is divided on 36% because of too high temperatures and 4,3% because of too low temperatures. The rest of the other claims sum a total of 59,7%.

This last percentage is related to the claims because of delays in shipping, any container or water damage, abnormal conditions during arrival and others.

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Claim data

On 'too high temperature' per fruit type.

  1. Mango: 57,3%
  2. Pears: 56%
  3. Oranges: 48,8%
  4. Melons: 45,7%
  5. Pineapples: 45,2%
  6. Apples: 44,8%
  7. Grapes: 43,6%
  8. Stone fruit: 39,5%
  9. Limes: 34,4%
  10. Blueberries: 32,2%
  11. Avocado 22,7%.

"The quality of the berries was visibly higher and more consistent over the entire load."

Harm Verpaalen, Cold Chain Specialist at Global Fresh Solutions

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