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Did you know that 45,9% of claims on pineapple export is caused by temperature problems? Use OTFLOW to keep temperatures within range and keep your cargo safe! 

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What is the best temperature for pineapple shipping?

Shipping and storing pineapple requires the temperature to be between 7°C to 12°C, and no longer than a 3 to 4 week period. When pineapples are being exposed to temperatures below 7°C chilling injuries will occur. 

Studies show that OTFLOW reduces the temperature difference by 30%. Therefore keeping pineapple within the ideal temperature range during transit.

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Claims on Pineapple.

Almost 50% of all claims on pineapple exports are caused by either too high or too low temperatures. Temperatures rise around the equator; the cooling unit can not keep the pineapples cool due to the inefficient air flow inside the refrigurated container. 

Other reasons for claims are: container damage, water damage, delay in transit, suffocation and deviating arrival conditions. 

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Top 10 pineapple exporting countries

countries that exported the highest value of pineapples 

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  1. Costa Rica = $ 980.600.000 (47.1%)
  2. Netherlands = $ 230.900.000 (11.1%)
  3. Philippines =  $ 172.400.000 (8.3%)
  4. Belgium = $ 110.400.000 (5.3%)
  5. United States = $ 97.000.000 (4.7%)
  6. Ecuador = $ 44.200.000 (2.1%)
  7. Honduras = $ 41.100.000 (2%)
  8. Mexico = $ 41.000.000 (2%)
  9. Taiwan = $ 37.300.000 (1.8%)
  10. Ghana = $ 36.300.000 (1.7%)
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Use OTFLOW for your Pineapple export to keep temperatures perfect!

"The fruit quality is significantly higher throughout the entire container."

Ton de Weert  |  Quality Control Manager @ The Greenery

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