Reducing waste on a global scale.

It is our ultimate ambition to contribute to a better world by reducing food waste on a global scale. We carefully select our materials and optimise our processes to reduce our environmental impact. 

1/3 of all food produced is still going to waste

Reducing food waste.

Over 45% of all grown fruit never reaches consumers plates.
A great percentage is lost during long overseas transports, caused by poor temperature management from reefer containers. Such losses also happen to vegetables, flowers, medicine and other 'temperature-sensitive' cargo.

The image on the right shows a daily event where avocados are thrown away for being too ripe. The temperature near the doors have risen too much during shipping. With OTFLOW used these avocados would have had better temperatures during shipping and therefore many would have reached the supermarkets.

The right material.

OTFLOW consists of a triple layered strong and water risistant paperboard. The material we use are 'left-overs' from the food industry (milk cartons / juice cartons). This perfectly good material is otherwise thrown away. We give this material a new life to save fruit from wasting!

The first layer is paper (74%) to create flexibility. The next layer is carton to give the material extra strenght. The final layer is a water resistant coating.

What is otflow

OTFLOW is recyclable

As mentioned above our materials are excess materials from the food industry and are being used as milk and juice cartons. These packages can be made to a pulp and recycled as packing new materials like coffee packages.

The recycling of our material is possible in  most countries, take a look on your government recycling information page on how you can recycle our product.

how to recycle
45% of all fruit
goes to waste.

Help us in our mission to reduce fruit waste on a global scale, one container at the time.

"The fruit quality is significantly higher throughout the entire container."

Ton de Weert  |  Quality Control Manager @ The Greenery

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