“OTFLOW® makes a significant difference”

Client review  |  Jaguar, The Fresh Company  |  The Netherlands

“The six back pallets, which is almost a third of the load, are often the handling agent's biggest worry. This is especially the case with the types of fruit that have to be transported cool; one degree warmer or colder makes a big difference with, for example, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums and kiwis.

And some types of fruit produce a lot of heat themselves, such as mangos. With these, the rear part of the loads almost always arrives is poorer condition than the front part. This is because the temperature is not constant throughout the entire container."

"That is why I advise our forwarders to work with OTFLOW® for these types of fruit. OTFLOW® makes a significant difference in the ventilation in the container, as a result of which the quality of the entire container and in particular the rear part of the load is retained much better."

"The ripeness is better, and healthy fruits stay healthy. With OTFLOW® you not only get better quality for the consumer, but also you can keep the fruit longer after shipping. Thus you can sell the fruit when the market demands it. It is more sustainable and commercially attractive.”

Sven Thomas,
Special Projects Manager of Jaguar Fruits.

Jaguar Fruits is a global exporter and importer of fruit and has branches in the Netherlands and China.

"The fruit quality is significantly higher throughout the entire container."

Ton de Weert  |  Quality Control Manager @ The Greenery

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