How to export pomegranates optimally?

Have you heard of pomegranate export temperature issues during transport? OTFLOW solves some of them. It maintains the temperature inside reefers stable throughout the entire container.

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Which temperature is recommended for storage and shipping pomegranate? 

Pomegranates are not hardy fruits as they may appear. They are as susceptible as apples to water loss and to physical damage by abrasions, impacts, compression, and vibration.

Careful handling to minimize physical damage and avoiding chilling injury are very essential to keeping the quality of pomegranates. The recommended temperature is 7C and relative humidity between 90 and 95%. 

Pomegranates should be promptly cooled to 7C as soon as possible after harvest and should be kept at the recommended temperature and humidity during transportation and storage to reach their maximum postharvest-life of 2 to 4 months, depending on the cultivar. 

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Best shipping conditions for your pomegranates

With OTFLOW you will keep all your Pomegranate export cargo at the optimal temperature during its shipping. This floor cover achieves a similar temperature inside the whole reefer and prevents your cargo from cold/ hot spots.

The previous is something that has been proved by the University of Wageningen. Use OTFLOW and keep your fruit with the correct temperature during transit.

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Top 10 pomegranate exporting countries

 that have the highest export values in 2023.

  1. Canada: US$491.55 million (20.41%)
  2. Malaysia: $289.24 million (12.01%)
  3. Poland: $287.21 million (11.93%)
  4. Chile: $224.62 million (9.33%)
  5. United States: $199.39 million (8.28%)
  6. Serbia: $153.80 million (6.39%)
  7. Netherlands: $152.70 million (6.34%)
  8. Mexico: $106.24 million (4.41%)
  9. Turkiye: $83.83 million (3.48%)
  10. Germany: $68.80 million (2.86%)

"The entire process of placing OTFLOW into the container is very practical and easy to do."

Ignacio Santibanez

General Manager at QIMA, Chile

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