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Did you know that including an OTFLOW in your ocean freight is the best way to export long-distance pharmaceutical products?

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Challenges of the pharmaceutical industry

It is challenging to control the external shipping conditions, making it difficult to maintain stable temperatures during the entire delivery cycle. Additionally, medicines contain high-value ingredients with a short shelf-life and a strict temperature. It is also the case that many pharmaceuticals suffer from temperature changes, sunlight, and humidity. Therefore, temperature control and monitoring through the entire supply chain have increased. OTFLOW can contribute to maintaining equal temperatures throughout the whole journey.

What is OTFLOW?
optimal airflow in reefers

Shipping conditions when exporting pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceuticals are usually transported in reefer containers in nominated temperature zones. The products must not freeze or become too warm in transit. The set point in containers is generally above range and is often +4℃ or +5℃. Many pharmaceuticals require environmental temperatures between 2℃ and 8℃.

When exposed to high temperatures, pharmaceuticals can become less effective and, in some cases, even toxic. This can lead to serious health effects for individuals, and it can even be life-threatening. Also, the potency of the medicine can be affected when they are in a warm environment during transit. High temperatures can also lead to shortening the shelf-life of pharmaceutical products. OTFLOW can help maintain the shelf-life by ensuring temperatures are equal or near the setpoint.

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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Industry Exports

Million US Dollars - 1981 to 2019

pharma pharmaceutical products export import

1.- Germany: 91,662.64    
2.- Switzerland: 86,393.38    
3.- United States: 57,471.36    
4.- Ireland: 55,197.17    
5.- Belgium: 54,923.00    
6.- France: 36,103.64    
7.- Italy: 35,187.40
8.- Netherlands: 29,821.97    
9.- United Kingdom: 28,404.95    
10.- Denmark: 18,890.84

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