How to export flowers optimally?

Did you know that transporting your flowers via sea freight with an OTFLOW is the best way to export your flowers?

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Why is sea freight the best option for your flower export?

Although air freight takes less time, sometimes there can be enormous temperature peaks during the journey, which can negatively influence the flowers.

On the other hand, when using OTFLOW on your sea freight reefers, the temperature remains stable and, therefore, your flowers remain dormant.

There are other reasons to choose to export by sea:

  • Sea freight is cheaper than air freight.
  • Sea freight has a lighter carbon footprint than air freight.
  • Sea freight can cut carbon emissions by between 84% and 95%.
What is OTFLOW?
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Best shipping conditions for your flowers

According to a study by the University of Wageningen, several recommendations exist on how to transport cut flowers by the sea. The set point is recommended to be not to cause frost damage. However, temperatures up to 2℃ are suitable for transport, with a temperature variation of +1.5℃ is acceptable for containers. OTFLOW reduces the temperature differences by up to 67%, so it can help maintain the best temperatures during longer transit times if delays occur. It is important to note that some cultivars can survive a transport of at least 14 days and up to 3 weeks.

Despite having to be kept at a specific temperature, using a container with a ‘controlled atmosphere’ is essential to reduce oxygen levels and increase carbon dioxide levels. OTFLOW can be used as a complementary product in regular refrigerated containers as reefers with a controlled atmosphere.

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Top 10 flower exporting countries

Values in dollars worth of flower bouquets during 2021.

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  1. Netherlands: US$5.7 billion (52% of exported flower bouquets)
  2. Colombia: $1.7 billion (15.7%)
  3. Ecuador: $927.3 million (8.4%)
  4. Kenya: $725.5 million (6.6%)
  5. Ethiopia: $254.5 million (2.3%)
  6. Belgium: $150 million (1.4%)
  7. Italy: $140.9 million (1.3%)
  8. China: $124.6 million (1.1%)
  9. Malaysia: $90.5 million (0.8%)
  10. Canada: $82 million (0.7%)

"The entire process of placing OTFLOW into the container is very practical and easy to do."

Ignacio Santibanez

General Manager at QIMA, Chile

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