Cold air,

When shipping fresh produce, cover the floor of your cooled container with OTFLOW® and enjoy optimal temperature conditions.

Upgrade your cold shipments.

Ship your cargo with confidence and keep your produce fresh.

Less claims.

 Keep your cargo cool and reduce losses caused by claims.

Reduce Food Waste.

Join our mission to reduce food waste around the World.

Higher quality cargo.

"The ripeness is better, and healthy fruits stay healthy."

100% Cashback on Sample Box.

Get 100% cashback on the OTFLOW® Sample Box (10 OTFLOW's) .
Just send us the test results and get your money back.

"The quality of the fruit is significantly higher throughout the entire container."

Ton de Weert

Quality Control Manager of The Greenery

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Our product helps a wide range of customers around the World.


Extend your control on the quality of your goods.


 Keep your cargo cool and reduce losses caused by claims.


Receive a higher quality of fruit and reduce food / financial loss.

Logistic Services

Offer a unique product towards your reefer customers.


Provide customers additional tools to upgrade shipping.


Offer a proven product to reduce insurance claims.

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