OTFLOW inside a reefer container from top
Cold air,

Cover your reefer floor with OTFLOW and reduce the temperature differences during shipping. Improved temperatures result in high-quality and homogeneous products with fewer claims.

Reduce food waste

A great part of all perishables never reaches the supermarket due to sub-optimal shipping temperatures. We can fix that.

Reduce claims

 40% of all shipping claims are caused by temperature rise. The improved air flow with OTFLOW will reduce these claims.

Maximum quality

OTFLOW improves the airflow inside your reefer. Better airflow equals better temperatures and an optimal cargo quality.

“The OTFLOW® floor cover reduces the temperature difference between warmest and coldest location in shipments of precooled grapes by approx. 30%.”

Dr. ir. (Leo) Lukassen |  Researcher of Wageningen University

our research

Keep your cargo cool

even when the outside temperatures are very high

Installing OTFLOW will ensure cold air is being evenly distributed. The improved air flow, proven by studies, reduces the respiration rate of fruit during transport. The result is less waste, fewer claims, increased shelf life and less financial losses.

World map - sea surface temperature

Global sea surface temperatures with shipping routes. Click on the image to zoom in.

Cover your assets
and save money

Did you know that over 40% of claims are caused by too high or too low temperatures during transport? OTFLOW reduces the temperature difference, meaning less claims and financial losses for our clients.

This picture shows heat maps of reefer containers loaded with pallets. The reefers on the left have floor covers. The reefers on the right don’t. The image was created based on the test results of Wageningen University. It proofs that reefers with OTFLOW have better temperatures.

wageningen research

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