Upgrade your cooled transport

reduce temperature differences with OTFLOW®

Installing OTFLOW will ensure cold air is being evenly distributed inside your reefer container. Developed with the University of Wageningen, OTFLOW reduces the temperature difference. 
The result is a homogenious product, less claims and high quality fruit.

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For growers

You work hard to provide the best quality of fruit, with OTFLOW you ensure that quality during the weeks of shipping.

For exporters

Over 40% of claims are caused by temperature differences during shipping. OTFLOW reduces your temperature claims.

For importers

Offer fresher fruit to your clients while experiencing less difference in fruit quality from the front to the back of the container.

Maximize cooling efficiency

Reduce temperature differences inside containers with OTFLOW®

Airflow - standard

The cold air from the cooling unit is not being distributed to all corners of the container. This creates hot spots that increase the respiration rate of the fruit.

Airflow - with OTFLOW®

With OTFLOW installed underneath the pallets the cold air reaches all corners, eliminating all hot spots that can harm the precious cargo during transport.

“The OTFLOW® floor cover reduces the temperature difference between warmest and coldest location in shipments of precooled grapes by approx. 30%.”

Dr. ir. (Leo) Lukassen |  Researcher of Wageningen University

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Reduce your claims

Over 40% of claims are caused by too high or too low temperatures during transport. OTFLOW reduces the temperature difference, meaning less claims and less financial losses.

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Easy to install

Quick, easy and no training required.

Placing OTFLOW inside a reefer container is a very simple process, your staff does not require special training. Just unfold the parts on the floor and connect them with our velcro 'Drop and Go' system.

Watch the video to discover how OTFLOW works.

How it works (video)

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