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Less dried out fruit, longer shelf life.

Under the right conditions, pears can be stored for a long time before being sold in the store. But if the conditions are not good, the fruit can show all kinds of defects, such as drying...

OTFLOW® makes a significant difference.

The six back pallets, which is almost a third of the load, are often the handling agent's biggest worry. This is especially the case with the types of fruit that have to be transported cool; one degree warmer...

An important new tool for chain value.

In transport, cooling is receiving more and more attention. There is a good reason for this: quality problems are often caused by cooling errors. Prolonged temperature fluctuations at the grower, shipping ...

A 30% improvement

Research by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research within the "GreenCHAINge Vegetable & Fruit" project has shown that OTFLOW reduces the average difference between the warmest and coldest temperatures in a refrigerated container by around 30%...

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