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Order OTFLOW for all your fruit shipments to keep temperatures inside containers at optimal conditions.

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One OTFLOW is designed to cover one 40" container

Created for transport in cooled containers with pallets

OTFLOW can be used 1x
(a shipment of fresh produce)

How do I install OTFLOW?

To have a good understanding on how OTFLOW should be placed inside a 40" container, we refer to our instruction animation. Watch the animation here.

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How many OTFLOW are inside 1 box?

You can choose from the following OTFLOW boxes:
10, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000x OTFLOW.

When placing an order it is always possible to request a custom amount of OTFLOW, with a minimum of 10 units.

For each container you need 1 OTFLOW.
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Do you offer World Wide Shipping?

A boat from top in calm seas transporting fruit

For World Wide shipping we rely on one of our global partners. Our shipping partner will contact you to arrange to a location to your convenience. 

Why should I use OTFLOW for my fruit shipments?

Our product is being used by a broad client base, ranging from growers, exporters, importers to freight forwarders. Every type of customer has their own benefits from using OTFLOW®.

Find out what benefit suits your fruit business:
- Reduce your claim rate (have less financial losses)
- Provide fresher fruit than your competition
- Innovate and improve your business
- Have your fruit last longer inside supermarkets
- Help to reduce fruit waste on a global scale
- Provide better logistics services than your competition
- Participate in an eco-friendly movement

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What problem does OTFLOW solve?

OTFLOW acts as a ceiling for the cold air making sure the air is distributed evenly throughout the container. With this improved air flow, the respiration rate of fruit is reduced. Meaning less claims and financial losses and fruit that lasts longer.

OTFLOW is for growers, exporters, importers, logistics operators and freight forwarders.

What are the technical specifications of OTFLOW?

pinepple pallets with otflow underneath inside a reefer container for shipping
Material Paper / Carton
Coating Water resistant eco friendly wax coating
Weight 5,4 Kg. per OTFLOW
Dimensions 1120 x 210 Cm (for 40" containers only)
HS Code 4810929000
Certification FSC Certified, 100% recyclable material
Water resistant Yes
Lifespan Single use only

What fruit types and shipments should use OTFLOW?

Different kind of fruit together, some are sliced

OTFLOW is made to reduce temperature differences for fruit and flowers transport in 40" refrigurated containers. The cargo must be placed on pallets (it does not work for boxes of fruit without pallets).

Fruit: citrus, grapes, kiwis, pineapples, blueberries, cherries, apples, oranges, stonefruit, plums, pears, melon and much more.

Flowers: bulbs, cut flowers and plants.

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Can I try it before I buy it?

OTFLOW has been scientifically tested by Wageningen Biobased Research Facility and has been proven to reduce the temperature difference by 30% during shipments.

We are confident that you will experience good results, but we also understand you want to try it our first. Contact our team via to get you started for a test.

What is in the box?

We deliver a complete package for every order.

OTFLOW® Floor cover

Select a package of 10, 50 or 100+

 Instructional video 

  A short animation on how it works 

 Tips & Tricks poster

 Six tips and tricks for a smooth process 

Get ready for next season!

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