Covering the container floor.

See how OTFLOW is placed inside your cooled container.

This video is only 30 seconds.

Fixing the air flow.

Together with the University of Wageningen we've developed the ultimate shape to have the optimal internal airflow. With OTFLOW® your can ship your fresh produce with confidence and keep your produce fresh.

Airflow normal situation (with a hot spot at the doors side)

Airflow with OTFLOW®

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A Hot Spot inside a reefer container

No more 'Hot spots'.

The cooling engine should deliver cold air from one end throughout the entire container. Unfortunately the internal flow of air inside is not effective, the result; the cold air doesn't reach all corners of the container and you get a 'hot spot'. 

With OTFLOW the airflow reaches all corners of the container, keeping the temperature equal from front to back (tested and proven by Wageningen Biobased Research Facility).

Easy to install.

Placing OTFLOW inside a reefer container is very simple, your staff doesn't require special training. Just unfold the parts on the floor and connect them with our 'Drop and Go' system.

instruction video

"With OTFLOW® you not only get better quality for the consumer, but also you can keep the fruit longer after shipping."

Sven Thomas | Jaguar Fresh Company

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