Why do temperatures rise?

The facts about intercontinental fruit shipping.

The challenge will be familiar to anyone involved in the production, trading and transportation of fruit. Typically grown in certain geographical locations, fruit and produce is then placed in reefer containers and then shipped to the markets where they’re most in demand.

Along the way, uneven airflow in the containers creates hot spots: the cool air from the cooling unit simply doesn’t spread evenly throughout the space. Cooling units from neighboring reefer containers create more unwanted heat sources.

To top it off, the ship will pass through hot climates, compounding an already challenging situation. The hot spots caused by uneven internal airflow increase the fruit’s respiration rate, triggering increases in fruit waste, claims and financial losses.

To tackle this well-known problem exporters often place pieces of cardboard or plastic to manipulate the airflow (without mixed results).

These various approaches inspired us to explore the solution. And now, after a year of research and development, we have created OTFLOW: The most efficient and easy-to-use product to improve the airflow inside containers.

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About us

OTFLOW BV is a Rotterdam-based company with a passion to reduce fruit waste on a global scale and making sure more fruit reaches the shelfs of the supermarket.

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Data-driven solution

In 2016, the University of Wageningen performed several tests to prove once and for all what works best to improve the airflow inside containers. 


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