Global Price List

Prices based on EXW Rotterdam. Different rates may apply to your country due to local Duties and Taxes. Please contact us for local prices and CIF quotations.

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based on EXW Rotterdam

€ 110


  • 100 x OTFLOW
  • for 100 containers
  • Shipped op 1 pallet
based on EXW Rotterdam

€ 100


  • 200 x OTFLOW
  • for 200 containers
  • Shipped op 2 pallets
based on EXW Rotterdam

€ 90


  • 500 x OTFLOW
  • for 500 containers
  • Shipped op 5 pallets
based on EXW Rotterdam

€ 80


  • 1000 x OTFLOW
  • for 1000 containers
  • Shipped op 10 pallets

Are you from any of these countries?

We have a distributor in the following regions:



South Africa








We have a local distributor for you. The following applies to you:

  • Basis; Ex Warehouse in your country
  • Applicable rates slightly vary from Global Rates due to local Taxes and Duties, please request a quotation for exact offer.
  • Minimum order quantily = 25 X OTFLOW®


We offer direct shipping to your destination, therefore please consider the following:

  • Above mentioned Global Rates apply
  • Basis; Ex Works from Rotterdam NL
  • CIF Rates to your (air)port available upon request
  • Minimum order quantity = 100 x OTFLOW®