Reduce claims on citrus export

1 out of 4 claims on citrus export is caused by either too high or to low temperatures during shipping. OTFLOW is developed to reduce that figure and keep fruit fresh during trans-it.

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The optimum temperatures of citrus export.

Citrus is the group name for the commodities clementines, grapefruit, lemons, limes, mandarins and oranges. Each fruit type has it's own optimum carrying temperature for shipping and transport:

  • Limes: 8º to 9º Celcius
  • Mandarins: 4º to 6º Celcius
  • Clementines: 4º to 6º Celcius
  • Grapefruit: 12º to 14º Celcius
  • Lemons (yellow):  10º to 11º Celcius
  • Lemons (green):  12º to 14º Celcius
  • Oranges:  2º to 7º Celcius

To keep temperatures within optimum range, use OTFLOW in every 40" refrigurated container. Studies have proven that OTFLOW reduces the temperature difference by 30%.

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Top 10 citrus producing countries

countries that produced the most Citrus 

  1. Brazil: 20.500.000 Tons of Citrus fruit
  2. China: 19.600.000 Tons of Citrus fruit
  3. United States: 10.000.000 Tons of Citrus fruit
  4. Mexico: 6.800.000  Tons of Citrus fruit
  5. India: 6.200.000 Tons of Citrus fruit
  6. Spain: 5.700.000 Tons of Citrus fruit
  7. Iran: 3.700.000 Tons of Citrus fruit
  8. Italy: 3.500.000 Tons of Citrus fruit
  9. Nigeria: 3.300.000 Tons of Citrus fruit
  10. Turkey: 3.100.000 Tons of Citrus fruit

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