OTFLOW BV is a Rotterdam-based company with a passion to reduce fruit waste on a global scale and making sure more fruit reaches the shelfs of the supermarket.

To execute this mission experienced entrepeneur Otto de Groot reached out to creative Ronald Hagenstein and technician Marc Reijm. 

Reducing fruit waste on a global scale

With 3 local offices we ship to companies world wide.

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The challenge

The problem comes from an uneven distribution of cold air inside the reefer container. The cold air from the cooling unit does not reach all corners of the container resulting in hot spots. These hot spots increase the respiration rate of the fruit.

A container ship transporting fruit

Data-driven solution

In 2016, the University of Wageningen performed several tests to prove once and for all what works best to improve the airflow inside containers. “The form that turned out to be the most favourable, is the one now used by Otflow”.

Ship going through calm warm seas transporting fruit
Article about OTFLOW in newspaper Algemeen Dagblad

In the news

The new floor cover created by OTFLOW improves the airflow inside containers by 30%. With this Dutch innovation the quality of fruit improves and the fruit waste is reduced. "OTFLOW is a revolution in the shipping and transport industry. Recent research from the University of Wageningen show that OTFLOW creates more stable temperatures inside containers, as a result....

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Office / Headquarter:
Goudsesingel 130 - Unit 3.74
3011 KD Rotterdam,
The Netherlands

Stephensonweg 18,
3223 LW Hellevoetsluis,
The Netherlands